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A last resort for victims of matrix scams

About Matrix Survivors

If you have been introduced to the Matrix Survivors website, then more than likely you have been a victim of some sort of Matrix program promising you that you can invest a small amount, and earn an extraordinary amount of money, with little to no effort. Sadly, the majority of these programs are simply after your initial investments and will most likely vanish within a few weeks.

The founders of Matrix Survivors, along with good friends joined together and rather than jumping on the next hype bandwagon or bailing out for good, they decided to plan and develop a matrix that works.

Matrix Survivor's is a team of honest hard-working individuals just like you. We will all work together as a team, tackling any issue we have going forward and introduce solutions that have been approved by the community.

We look forward to working with each and every new team member. Making the decision to join Matrix Survivors can start a brighter future for you.

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Our Matrix, Explained.

Our initial program is a Company Forced Straight Line Cycler. This means that your referrals are not placed directly below you. They are placed in the next position in the system. We have a number of ideas and solutions to make it sustainable long term. Working as a team we will build a stable platform going into the future.

On level one you will spend 0.011 Bitcoin to start your journey to success. This is a one time out of pocket investment.

Level Downline Cost Payout
Level 1 2 0.011 0.02
Level 2 4 0.02 0.08
Level 3 6 0.04 0.24
Level 4 6 0.15 0.9

You will start earning as soon as level 2 when you complete Level 2 you will keep 0.04 Bitcoin and use the other 0.04 Bitcoin to upgrade and so on for levels 3 and 4. After you have cycled all four levels you will have earned 1.02 Bitcoin.

  • All Payouts And Upgrades Are Automatic
  • Auto Re-Entry Into Matrix Over And Over
  • Earnings Paid Directly To Bitcoin Wallet

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